The modern security executive needs to handle a complex world of technology, policy, politics, and business; all while supporting their organization in becoming more resilient, innovative and customer focused. This evolution from the “IT Security” person to a proper C-suite executive is not only challenging to the individual at the helm, but also the industry at large.

The CISO Track aims to provide our participants with a closed-door environment where sharing information and practices around a select number of topics is done properly. This isn’t about some vendor pitch, nor is it about sitting and having someone talk at you for 45 minutes. It is about a discussion between peers, curated by peers, around topics presented briefly (10-15 minutes) by vetted industry practitioners. What’s a vetted industry practitioner? They’re speakers who have agreed not to pitch or sell products, and their presentation has been reviewed and pre-approved by the program committee.

Upcoming Events

CyberWeek 2020

Unfortunately, CyberWeek 2020 has been cancelled, and as such The CISO Track will not be held there.

We will update on our regional event schedule in 2020 once the global pandemic situation clears up and allows us to hold our events safely.


The CISO Track runs through a full business day (9am to 5pm), and includes networking breaks, as well as a participant-led open session (un-conference style). Throughout the day, we will cover different topics, which would be selected and tailored by the track moderators.

Additionally, we will conduct a participant-led, open session where the content is defined and moderated by participants – this is the un-conference aspect of the program. Throughout the day, participants will suggest topics, and we’ll pick one or two of them to discuss in-depth. The person suggesting the topic will act as moderator.

This ensures that everyone has a chance to learn and lead discussions with their peers. Given the nature of our event, we hope that this hybrid approach will foster thoughtful, open discussion among participants on topics that have been identified as most relevant to them.

Participation in the CISO track is limited to vetted individuals who hold an active full-time CSO/CISO position. The event itself will run under the Chatham House Rule.

Note: For those of you not familiar, Chatham House Rule is defined as follows: “When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.”

Participants are expected to be highly engaged and contribute to the discussions held during the day in a meaningful way. The cost of entry to the event is currently $250 per participant, but we reserve the right to modify it based on the location of each event. In order to ensure the effectiveness of this track, participation will be restricted to up to 50 individuals.

Vendor participation is limited to presenting the session topic, and vendors will have no access to any participant list and are restricted from pitching or following-up with participants. The entire day will have a curator who will take notes to produce anonymized proceedings from the track which would focus on the content discussed, and publish the vetted proceedings after the conference.


Sponsoring The CISO Track is unlike most corporate sponsorship opportunities at events. We provide our sponsors a simple model - they get to send a vetter SME to present the problem domain in which they operate (for 10-15 minutes), and then listen in to the discussion between the CISO/CSO participats. This unique model allows companies with a unique opportunity to set the main talking points and then gain access to data that’s rarely available even through “industry analysits”. SMEs are highly encouraged to engage directly with participants in the beginning of the session (less slides, more direct interaction), and are not allowed to pitch products/solutions, present marketing/sales materials, or approach participants for sales purposes after their session. Sponsorship is available based on the problem domains chosen for each event. For sponsorship information, statistics, and previous sponsor’s feedback please check out our sponsors page.

Past Events

RSA Conference 2020

We plan to hold the second CISO Track during RSA Conference in February 25th, 2020. Thanks to the support from Cloudflare, we will hold the track at their offices during the day.

Applications are closed, and we are fully registered.


Based on the participant feedback, the topics covered will include:

The event proceedings will be published here soon.

BSidesLV 2019

The CISO track has been created in 2019 and was initially run as part of BSides Las Vegas. The proceedings for the track can be found here.